Best Generator that Uses Solar

Do solar power generators work well?

A solar power generator is one of the easiest forms of energy saving and energy producing generators that have been used for quite a few years. Many of us are not aware that what exactly is a solar power generator? A solar power generator is that machine which does not use power or electricity to work while there is no power back up. A solar generator is the simplest forms of energy around us, made by humans. Humans have become so skilled in each and every field that what not they have invented. It is beyond our imagination to think that even a generator could work with the help of solar energy. Isn’t this something to couch on? This means you do not have to do anything when the Image result for Kodiak solar Generatorpower supply goes off. Though there are several companies that have launched such generators that use solar, still to find the best generator that uses solar is quite a tough task. You must be aware about the company but you might not be able to tell that whether it has the best generator that uses solar or not.

A solar generator uses solar panels to capture the solar photons or the photon directly from the sun to charge their battery. Just like before you use an inverter, it keeps on charging itself, though obviously from the electricity itself, similarly, a solar generator works by charging its battery, taking photons from the sunlight directly and then changes it to an alternate energy. This is work with most of the appliances we use today, those are solar operated. In the coming times, you will surely hear a lot about other appliances that work with the help of solar energy, not only the generators to talk about.

How does a solar generator works?

All thanks to the heat today. It has helped our solar generators to capture the photons and work for us in return. Sometimes, even this heat is very useful, off late. The need for electrical power today is simply unavoidable. You cannot simply avoid the fact that everything we use today, from cell phones to batteries to all the appliances needs electric energy to work. Not only the best generator that uses solar; all the electric appliances today need electricity today. Products such as portable generators and chargers are the needed for this day.

Products such as geysers and generators now have second means to work. This is one of the essential changes that have ever taken place by the humans. The humans have undoubtedly launched the best generators that use solar energy. These are our saviors that have come in the form of solar generators.

A solar generator, unlike its name, is a very simple generator. It has two panels that, the entire day, while it is too hot, capture and saves all the photons from the sun’s heat it gets. This charges the generator to run when there is no power supply. These are also called the photovoltaic cells that use solar energy to charge it. Here the question comes that only if the sun’s heat and its velocity are too strong, can this generator charge itself thoroughly. Obviously, the question depends on the velocity and the range of the sunlight a solar generator can get. The manufacturers say that the best generator that uses solar can charge itself fully and completely if it gets typically speaking, like almost 8 to 10 hours of direct and high-velocity sunlight. Only then can a solar generator work for one full day. So now we can say that even sun’s heat is too good for our appliances to run smoothly.

So tomorrow when you are going to leave for your work on a scorching day, you will have the best generator that uses solar at your service.

What Are They Banking?

Regarding the devices that can be fed with these generators, taking into account the consumption of them, it must be taken into account that they are divided between those that have an electric motor and those that do not. Those of the first type register a consumption peak at start-up, as happens with the air conditioning and the refrigerator. According to the table used in Campanile to calculate the power of the generator, air has a start peak of 2 KVA and then works with 0.5 KVA, a flat-screen TV works with 0.5 KVA stably, and 20 bulbs of low consumption require 1 KVA.

“With an 8 KVA generator you can feed all the lighting of the middle-class house, plus the refrigerator, two or three televisions and up to two splits,” says Marge, and then adds that with 13 KVA it can sustain consumption up to 6 splits, 5 or 6 televisions, a refrigerator, a freezer, a microwave, and lighting, which is ideal for a large house or a local.


The fundamental advantage highlighted by the executive is related to the cost of generation. “With a gas generator -natural- the cost of kW / his $ 0.70, if you pay it to Epic the kW / h costs $ 1.15, and with a diesel generator, it goes to $ 3.50 the kW / h. That is, if one of these devices is used instead of grid power, 50 percent of electric power is saved, “he says, noting that these generators are built for permanent use:” you can turn them on and not turn them off anymore, while most other devices, of Chinese origin and cheaper, cannot be used for more than two hours in a row; without rest, they break, “he compares.

Regarding power quality, Marge maintains that they guarantee a stable fluid that can power even computing devices without damaging them.

Best Generator that Uses Solar : Expensive, But Efficient

We are in the high season of power cuts, a constant in the summer. In this framework, many users need to protect themselves from interruptions and acquire a generator set.

Although less known than generators that run on liquid fuels, there is equipment that is gas powered. Although its price is high compared to traditional, its efficiency makes it worthwhile to make numbers and consider them as an alternative.

Different Models
In our city, you can buy Generic gas generators, from the United States. It is a dependent brand of General Motors (in fact, the equipment of greater generation capacity uses GM engines and in the smaller models use motors of their design or Mitsubishi).
They offer two product lines: domiciliary (single phase) and commercial-industrial (three phase). The representative in Cordoba of this brand is Campanile Shipyard, and we spoke with its manager Mario Marge, who affirms that “in homes that have a three-phase installation, everything that cannot run out of energy in a single phase is connected and it is energized with the generator.”
Focusing on the domiciliary line, Marge describes: “They come with a soundproof casing, so the noise is very slight, and they are intended to be out in the open, they can be placed in the patio or the garden.”

As for the single-phase generators, two models of different load capacity are offered: 8 KVA and 13 KVA. Both work with both natural gas and bottled gas.

Board Included

One of the advantages highlighted by the representative of Generic is that these internally include the transfer board, “which is a component whose cost can reach between 20 percent and 30 percent of the total cost of the generator, and also, are built with electronics and Siemens keys. “

In the case of the 13 KVA generators, the transfer is carried out automatically, that is, as soon as the grid power is cut off, the generator starts immediately, and stops when the electric service is resumed.