Best Generator that Uses Solar : Expensive, But Efficient

We are in the high season of power cuts, a constant in the summer. In this framework, many users need to protect themselves from interruptions and acquire a generator set.

Although less known than generators that run on liquid fuels, there is equipment that is gas powered. Although its price is high compared to traditional, its efficiency makes it worthwhile to make numbers and consider them as an alternative.

Different Models
In our city, you can buy Generic gas generators, from the United States. It is a dependent brand of General Motors (in fact, the equipment of greater generation capacity uses GM engines and in the smaller models use motors of their design or Mitsubishi).
They offer two product lines: domiciliary (single phase) and commercial-industrial (three phase). The representative in Cordoba of this brand is Campanile┬áShipyard, and we spoke with its manager Mario Marge, who affirms that “in homes that have a three-phase installation, everything that cannot run out of energy in a single phase is connected and it is energized with the generator.”
Focusing on the domiciliary line, Marge describes: “They come with a soundproof casing, so the noise is very slight, and they are intended to be out in the open, they can be placed in the patio or the garden.”

As for the single-phase generators, two models of different load capacity are offered: 8 KVA and 13 KVA. Both work with both natural gas and bottled gas.

Board Included

One of the advantages highlighted by the representative of Generic is that these internally include the transfer board, “which is a component whose cost can reach between 20 percent and 30 percent of the total cost of the generator, and also, are built with electronics and Siemens keys. “

In the case of the 13 KVA generators, the transfer is carried out automatically, that is, as soon as the grid power is cut off, the generator starts immediately, and stops when the electric service is resumed.