What Are They Banking?

Regarding the devices that can be fed with these generators, taking into account the consumption of them, it must be taken into account that they are divided between those that have an electric motor and those that do not. Those of the first type register a consumption peak at start-up, as happens with the air conditioning and the refrigerator. According to the table used in Campanile to calculate the power of the generator, air has a start peak of 2 KVA and then works with 0.5 KVA, a flat-screen TV works with 0.5 KVA stably, and 20 bulbs of low consumption require 1 KVA.

“With an 8 KVA generator you can feed all the lighting of the middle-class house, plus the refrigerator, two or three televisions and up to two splits,” says Marge, and then adds that with 13 KVA it can sustain consumption up to 6 splits, 5 or 6 televisions, a refrigerator, a freezer, a microwave, and lighting, which is ideal for a large house or a local.


The fundamental advantage highlighted by the executive is related to the cost of generation. “With a gas generator -natural- the cost of kW / his $ 0.70, if you pay it to Epic the kW / h costs $ 1.15, and with a diesel generator, it goes to $ 3.50 the kW / h. That is, if one of these devices is used instead of grid power, 50 percent of electric power is saved, “he says, noting that these generators are built for permanent use:” you can turn them on and not turn them off anymore, while most other devices, of Chinese origin and cheaper, cannot be used for more than two hours in a row; without rest, they break, “he compares.

Regarding power quality, Marge maintains that they guarantee a stable fluid that can power even computing devices without damaging them.